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Why you should get pre-approved for a mortgage

Why you should get pre approved for a mortgage 1


Let's be honest—Homes move FAST! We are currently in a sellers’ market, and people are seeking homes for their families at an accelerating rate. Now more than ever, pre-approval is an important factor in getting the home you want when you have the chance.

What is pre-approval?

Pre-approval is part of the mortgage loan process, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. It involves meeting with a mortgage lender before an offer is made on a property in order to get approved for an amount that you can then include in an offer to buy a particular home. Many mortgage lenders will be able to grant pre-approval for your home loan within the same day.

Being pre-approved will allow you to make an offer on a home when you are ready without having to wait for mortgage lender approval. Although pre-approval is not necessary to make an offer, most offers without pre-approval will not be taken seriously. Pre-approval shows the seller that your finances have been evaluated by a professional and you are actually in a position to pay the money that you’ve offered for the home. Many sellers and real estate agents won’t review an offer unless it comes with a pre-approval letter from a mortgage professional indicating that you will most likely qualify for a loan and that way the seller knows that the offer is a real opportunity for them to close the sale on their property.

Pre-approval is actually to the benefit of the seller, but it’s useful for buyers to get pre-approved early in the shopping process, especially if they are shopping a competitive market, so that when they find the home they love they can put an offer in and not then have to spend an extra day or two meeting with mortgage professionals to get pre-approved while the seller is potentially reviewing other offers, and likely selecting one to accept.

Make an offer with confidence

Pre-approval will allow you to get excited about the home buying process without having to worry about the possible loss of the property you love. Meeting with a mortgage professional should be a comfortable and easy task, but it should not be part of the process that slows you down.

You can also more confidently look into homes that you are interested in without worrying about your approval because you will better understand your home buying budget. Pre-approvals come with a maximum loan amount that will give the buyer an ideal range for purchasing price. This can also aid in making offers if a listing price is slightly above your pre-approved budget. If the offer is seen as legitimate, the seller may yield to a lower price in order to make the sale.

When is the right time?

Getting pre-approved is free, easy, and should not be time-consuming. If you find the right mortgage lender, which may be the first step towards buying a home, you should be able to ask for a pre-approval at the beginning of the home-buying process. This will give you an idea of your price range, as well as the ability to make an offer at any time when you find the perfect home.

Pre-approvals will often have an “approved” time period of 60-90 days to make an offer on a home. This is negotiable with your mortgage lender and should be an ideal time period during which to find a home. If the home buying process exceeds this time, you will need to reapply for pre-approval.

What will you need?

• Proof of income, either by 30 days’ worth of paystubs, 2 years of tax returns, or 2 years of W2 forms.

• Assets, such as bank statements or other documents that show your savings.

• Good credit. A score of 620 or higher for approval of an FHA loan.

• Documentation. A social security card, passport or ID, or other legal identifying documents.

If you want real speed with the homebuying process, schedule a meeting with a local mortgage lender to get pre-approved. This should be a comfortable, transparent, and informative meeting that will help you to realize your goal of owning a home. Pre-approval is a great time to learn more about mortgages, answer questions about the loan process, and to talk about your loan options.

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